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The diamond necklace played the pawn
Hand in hand some drummed along, oh
To a handsome man and baton

A blind class aristocracy
Back through the opera glass you see
The pit and the pendulum drawn

Columnated ruins domino

Hung velvet overtaken me
Dim chandelier awaken me
To a song dissolved in the dawn

The music hall a costly bow
The music all is lost for now
To a muted trumpeter swan

Columnated ruins domino
Canvass the town and brush the backdrop
Are you sleeping, brother John?

Dove nested towers the hour was
Strike the street quicksilver moon
Carriage across the fog
Two-step to lamp lights cellar tune
The laughs come hard in Auld Lang Syne

The glass was raised, the fired grows
The fullness of the wine, the dim last toasting
While at port adieu or die
A choke of grief, heart hardened I
Beyond belief a broken man too tough to cry

Surf's up, aboard a tidal wave
Come about hard and join
The young and often spring you gave
I heard the word, wonderful thing
A children's song


The band changed members occasionally, morphing into various incarnations, from Father Yod and the Spirit of 6 to Ya Ho Wha 13 to The Savage Sons of Ya Ho Wha, Yodship, and Fire Water Air; but the key players were always the same: (Djin Aquarian on guitar, Octavius Aquarian on drums, and Sunflower Aquarian on bass) along with other family musicians Lovely Aquarian, Zoroaster Aquarian, Hom Aquarian, Rhythm Aquarian, Pythias Aquarian, Aquariana Aquarian, Ahom Aquarian, Electron Aquarian. Father Yod does not appear on all their album releases, but for those on which he participates, he handles lead vocals and percussion, via a kettle drum.

Tropical Hot Dog Night
Like two flamingoes in a fruit fight
Ev'ry colour of day
Whirlin' around at night
I'm playin' this music
So the young girls will come out
To meet the monster tonight
Tropical Hot Dog Night

Like two flamingoes in a fruit fight
I don't wanna know 'bout wrong or right
I don't want to know
- I'm anywhere tonight

Tropical Hot Dog Night
Like two flamingoes in a fruit fight
Like steppin' out of a triangle
Into striped light
Striped light, striped light
Tropical Hot Dog Night
- Everything's wrong, at the same time it's right

The truth has no patterns for me tonight
I'm playing this music so the young girls will come out
To meet the monster tonight
Meet the monster tonight

What do all you women do
When the men get Tropical Hot Dog payday?
What do you do on Tropical Hot Dog day day?
Yay; Yay

Step out of a triangle into striped light
Turn around and step back into striped light
Tropical Hot Dog Night

I'm playin' this song
For all the young girls to come out to meet the monster tonight
Meet the monster tonight
How would you like to be the lucky girl,
The lucky one?
- To be the monster tonight
Ow, to be the monster tonight
Oh, everything's wrong, at the same time it's white!

You get to be - you get to be - with me
And also to be the monster tonight

Boston AA is like AA nowhere else on this planet. Just like AA everyplace else, Boston AA is divided into numerous individual AA Groups, and each Group has its particular Group name like the Reality Group or the Allston Group or the Clean and Sober Group, and each Group holds its regular meeting once a week. But almost all Boston Groupsà meetings are speaker meetings. That means that at the meetings there are recovering alcoholic speakers who stand up in front of everybody at an amplified podium and share their experience, strength, and hope. And the singular thing is that these speakers are not ever members of the Group thats holding the meeting, in Boston. The speakers at one certain Groupà weekly speaker meeting are always from some other certain Boston AA Group. The people from the other Group who are here at like your Group speaking are here on something called a Commitment. Commitments are where some members of one Group commit to hit the road and travel to another Groups meeting to speak publicly from the podium. Then a bunch of people from the host Group hit the opposite lane of the same road on some other night and go to the visiting Groups meeting, to speak. Groups always trade Commitments: you come speak to us and well come speak to you. It can seem bizarre. You always go elsewhere to speak. At your own Group


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